Specialty & Retirement Plans

Specialty & Retirement Plans

Long Term Care

With many of us living longer, it's important that we are financially prepared for the possibility of requiring long-term care. Traditional health insurance and Medicare do not cover the costs of many long-term care services, such as services in your home, personal care, as well as care in a variety of facility and community settings. Long-term care insurance, on the other hand, will cover the costs of long-term care services. It can help protect your assets by providing daily or monthly payments to cover the costs associated with home health, assisted living, or nursing home care, which are the leading cause of bankruptcy in seniors.

We represent the top long-term care insurance companies in the country and are committed to providing you with coverage that best meets your needs.

Long Term Disability

Just when you thought, "it can't happen to me," consider this: 3 in 10 workers entering the workforce today will become disabled before retiring.

Over 36 million Americans are classified as disabled; about 12% of the population. More than 50% of those disabled Americans are in their working years, from 18 – 64. Maniaci Insurance Services can help you select a long term disability plan, providing you with income replacement if you experience an illness or injury. The coverage can help with every day bills, such as mortgage or rent, that continue when you can't work – expenses that health insurance won't cover.

Retirement Planning

For many Americans, retiring in this new century is a mystery. Individuals are living longer, more active lives. Getting started today will help you put time on your side. We offer a simple, bottom-line approach to developing a retirement solution.